House Rules


These House Rules (Rules) must be followed by all residents staying in the property (House) operated by Rll technology pvt ltd(“Roomlelo”). Any breach or violation of these Rules will amount to a breach of the Resident Agreement entered into by the resident with Roomlelo and may trigger Roomlelo's rights to terminate the agreement. These rules may be updated from time to time by Roomlelo at its sole discretion.

Care of the Building, Common Areas and Rooms

1. Vandalism is a serious offence. Vandalism shall mean and include any and all acts of destruction, damage, and/or defacement of any assertor property owned by Roomlelo. The residents found guilty of committing such an offence can be evicted from the property and be required to pay all costs incurred by Roomlelo due to such damage or destruction.

2. The residents are responsible for keeping their rooms, bathrooms and common areas in the premises such as reception, staircase, and lounge areas etc. clean and tidy at all times.

3. Any items of common use (e.g. microwave, iron, kettle, induction top, magazines, crockery, common TV units,washing machine, RO , ) provided by Roomlelo as part of the amenities package, shall be used only in the common areas and not in individual rooms.

4. No furniture or furnishings in the common areas of the House may be moved by the residents at any point of time.

5. Any damage to the House must be reported by the residents immediately to Roomlelo Representatives. The residents will be liable to pay for the expenses or costs to the property arising from use/misuse of the same by the resident, except for damages caused by normal wear and tear.

6. The residents are expected to use the lifts with care and movement of any heavy equipment using the lifts will require prior permission of the Roomlelo management team.

7. The residents may paste posters in the rooms assigned to them, but they should ensure that any such pasting does not cause any damage to the rooms or to any other parts of the property.

8. All food kept in the room/ common area/ pantry must be stored in suitable containers or wrapped tightly to prevent insects or rodents from accessing it. Stale, unfinished or waste food must be immediately thrown in the dustbins provided in the pantry.

9. The residents must keep the keys of their rooms and almirah safe. In case of loss they will have to bear the cost of replacement of keys. The locks for the almirah and the main door are not allowed to be changed, without informing the Roomlelo Representatives.

Intoxication, Betting and Gambling

1. Roomlelo is strictly opposed to possession, distribution and consumption of tobacco, alcohol, prostitution /or psychotropic substances inside the House. No resident or any other person shall possess, distribute, and/or consume tobacco (including tobacco products such as cigarettes), alcohol, or any psychotropic substances inside the House. If any instance of such action is brought to the notice of Roomlelo Representatives, Roomlelo may terminate the Resident Agreement and inform the parents/college authorities, accordingly. Betting and Gambling by any means is strictly prohibited in the House.

Conduct & Behaviour

1. The residents and their guests found to be in a state of inebriation may be expelled from the House.

2. Ragging in any form whatsoever is strictly prohibited and is a cognizable offence under the Indian Penal Code, 1860. All instances of ragging brought to the notice of Roomlelo Representatives will be reported to the appropriate legal authorities.

3. It is the responsibility of the residents to cooperate with the Roomlelo Representatives, the Resident Captain, the food providers, the housekeeping and security staff to ensure that all services are provided smoothly. The Roomlelo Representative is the authority to decide on all matters. It is expected that residents must listen to Roomlelo Representatives and not get into any kinds of argument. If there is any concern and the residents are not satisfied by the resolution provided by Roomlelo Representatives; the resident may email his/her concerns to or submit request through Tenant App under complaints and suggestions tab or follow the following escalation matrix: 1. Cluster Manager 2. City Operations Manager

4. In case of any emergency or crisis, the residents must follow the guidelines of the Roomlelo Representatives / Security Officer / Nodal Officer

5. Roomlelo treats all its employees and service providers including housekeeping, security and food vendors with dignity and respect. It is expected that the residents also uphold this principle in their dealings with all Roomlelo employees, representatives and service providers.

6. The residents must always behave in accordance with the Roomlelo Anti-Harassment Policy and shall not harass any persons. Further, all residents must respect the personal beliefs of the other residents, such that no resident hurts any religious sentiments, beliefs, or practices in any way whatsoever.

7. Making loud noises, including loud music is strictly prohibited.

8. The residents should not behave in any manner which is deemed to be offensive by the neighbours or by the society either in the premises or in the neighbouring areas surrounding the premises.

9. If food is ordered from outside by the residents, then all leftovers and packaging materials should be disposed of in appropriate .

Water & Electricity Consumption

1. Water should be used judiciously. The residents should report any water leakages to the security/Roomlelo Representative as soon as the same is noticed.

2. Prepaid electricity meters, wherever applicable, have been installed in each room by Roomlelo. These need to be recharged by an amount that is to be shared by all residents of the room. It is expected that if one roommate is not present for a certain number of days while the other roommate continues to reside in the room, the electricity expense for the room will continue to be shared equally between the roommates, until mutually decided otherwise between the roommates based on their common understanding. The amounts payable will remain payable for the room, irrespective of the number of persons occupying the room. Any disputes between roommates related to billing or splitting electricity bill should be resolved amongst themselves and Roomlelo shall not interfere in such dispute.

Security & Safety.

1. Roomlelo is not responsible for the loss of any private property. The residents are strongly advised to keep secure and lock all their valuables e.g. mobile phones, laptop, watches, money etc. at all times. While going on leave, they must keep all their belongings securely packed in their bags or cupboards.', Building repairs and maintenance is a continuous and planned affair and Roomlelo reserves the right to open and enter any room while the tenant is on leave to carry out such maintenance work. The same would be carried out in presence of the Security / Roomlelo representatives. Roomlelo would not entertain any such claims for the loss / damage of any loose or unsecured belongings of the resident.

2. Possession, distribution and use of firearms, lethal weapons (including air guns), contraband drugs, alcohol, toxic and hazardous material are strictly prohibited in the residences. We reserve the right to search bags of the residents as well as their visitors at any time and confiscate any prohibited substances that may be found in their luggage or in their possession.

3. In case of any emergency, please contact the Roomlelo security team or the Roomlelo helpline. Important contact numbers will be provided to all residents at the time of move-in.

4. Tampering with any security or fire-fighting equipment is strictly prohibited. The resident responsible for such actions will be held responsible for the cost of restoring the damaged equipment.

5. In case of any emergencies in the building, all the residents should be patient and cooperate with the Roomlelo Representatives.

6. Roomlelo reserves its right to handover its property to the Government Authorities in case there is any notice/order/directions from the District Administration or State Government to acquire its property during an emergency. The rooms occupied by the residents may be vacated and their belongings may be shifted in their absence for any necessary compliance of such Government Order.

7. In case the residents are not available at the time of housekeeping, the room can be cleaned at a later time on request depending on the availability of the housekeeping staff in the residence.

8. Littering the room and common spaces is not allowed.

9. The residents are expected to co-operate in the periodic (quarterly) pest control / fumigation / preventive maintenance activity.

10. Please note, the services of the housekeeping staff can't be utilized for any personal work. For example: no personal utensils will be washed by the housekeeping staff.


1. Bandwidth speed will depend on the service provider and the House location. Speed will be limited per user and may be changed as per company policy.

2. Devices per user: Houses may have a restriction on the maximum number of devices per user. One user can access internet on limited devices at a time (limit of devices may vary from property to property).

3. Roomlelo shall try to give a fair internet experience to everyone for which Roomlelo may continuously monitor internet usage by the residents. A Fair Use Policy ensures that every resident uses data in moderation with respect to the fellow residents (given in Gigabytes (GB) of data) will apply on all internet services.

4. Browsing access: The residents are not allowed to - 1. Access pornography 2. Create and maintain fake accounts 3. Download and view pirated content 4. Faking IP 5. Piggybacking: Using someone else's credential

5. While leaving the room premises, residents to ensure that they switch off all lights, fans, electrical appliances including ACs, heaters, geysers, mosquito-repellant machines etc.

6. In case of power being run on DG , invertor back-up, usage of electrical items especially ACs, geysers, washing machines, elevators etc. will be restricted. Management can also take the liberty of revoking the electricity access of these temporarily to conserve power backup.

7. The right containers /bowls should be placed inside a microwave to avoid a hazardous situation. In case of doubt, please connect with the Roomlelo Representatives for assistance.

8. Residents should refrain from overloading the washing machines, ensuring that clothes are unloaded immediately after usage. In case clothes are found lying unclaimed, Roomlelo staff will not be held responsible if misplaced.

9. Residents should avoid stocking up the fridge unnecessarily. The housekeeping staff will get rid of any leftovers found in the refrigerator


1. The residents shall intimate Roomlelo Representatives immediately if any critical or transferable illness is detected to prevent other residents from getting the infection

Photography & Filming

1. The common areas in Houses are under CCTV Surveillance for safety and security of the residents, the residents are advised to maintain decorum in common areas and not to obstruct / change the view of CCTV by any means.

2. Photography and filming shall be allowed but the residents shall maintain the privacy of other residents.

Police Complaints

1. The residents shall inform the Residence Captain / Roomlelo Representative before dialling Police Emergency Numbers i.e. '100' in case of any emergency.

2. The residents shall immediately inform the Roomlelo Representative for any engagements or encounters with Police in order to avoid surprise visits by Police Authorities at the House


1. All visitors must provide all details and documents as requested by the Roomlelo Security team before entering the residence.

2. The Roomlelo Representatives will not entertain visitors of the residents in the event the resident is absent.

3. The resident will be wholly responsible and financially liable for all actions of resident's visitor.

4. The local residence management reserves the right to place restrictions on the access of visitors in the event that utility consumption increases dramatically, a visitor's behaviour is inappropriate, or the people-carrying capacity of the building is compromised in any way.

Rent and Payments

1. The resident shall pay all fees and charges timely and, in the manner, prescribed as per their Resident Agreement.

2. Any disputes related to rent should be flagged to the customer experience team, as per the process laid out, and such requests will be actioned upon basis the timelines mentioned by Roomlelo. However, any pending disputes in rent should not be a reason for not making timely payments.

3. In case of continuous default of payments, Roomlelo reserves the right for immediate termination of Agreement and evicting the defaulter resident.

4. The residents may not be allowed to go on leaves or refuse to leave the premises with their belongings in case of pending rental payments until the same gets resolved and all the dues are cleared.

Complaints and Suggestions

1. The Roomlelo customer experience team will conduct feedback sessions on a regular basis. All the residents are asked to participate in the sessions actively so as to ensure the best delivery of services. From our perspective, any complaints, suggestions or enquiries are always welcome.

2. The residents are required to share feedback/submit queries/raise complaints on the Resident App under the 'Complaints and Suggestions section'.

3. The residents should only submit genuine complaints in the ‘Complaints and Suggestions section' in Resident App.

4. Defaming (Oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation and usually constitutes a tort or crime) any person including fellow Roommates and Roomlelo staff or influencing fellow tenants for defaming any person or Roomlelo by any means (i.e. directly , indirectly or on social media) is strictly prohibited. This may attract serious consequences including termination of the agreement.

Move-out/internal shifting

1. Incase of in house shifting ( within property) Rs 250 in case of on house shifting Rs 500 will be charged.

2. Tenants are requested to get the inspection done at the time of move-out and hand over the keys to the company representative , failing which may incur penalty.

3. Move-out should be done by 1st of the month by 4pm. Rent will be applicable after this.

4. Security deposit will be refunded after deduction of any dues and move out charges depending on the group situation.

5. Refund will be initiated within 3 to 4 weeks from the move-out date.


1. Incase of any conflict with roommate or any conflict with house friend, Roomlelo will not be responsible and may lead to termination of agreement and security money or rent will not be refundable in any case.

2. No political or religious gatherings will be permitted at the residence without the consent of the Roomlelo local residence management.

3. Roomlelo and the Roomlelo Representatives reserve the right to make spot checks on the Houses and rooms without having to give prior notice to the residents.

4. Roomlelo will not be responsible for any packages / parcels received at the House. Tenants are requested to coordinate & collect their parcels as soon as it reaches the Houses from the delivery boy.

5. Electricians, contractors or any other service person may enter rooms as and when necessary in the course of their duty under the supervision of the Roomlelo Representatives. The Roomlelo Representative shall ensure that all such activity is done in a manner which respects the privacy and dignity of the residents.

6. The Roomlelo Representatives reserve the right to move residents to other rooms if there is a necessity or emergency.

7. The Roomlelo team reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations from time to time and will keep the residents informed of any changes in the form of notices. Ignorance of any such amendments to the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for any breach of rules and regulations.

8. There is a fixed timing for engineering staff (electricians, plumbers, cleaning, etc). Please check with our team on 7667651878 while placing service request.

9. Close your property main door while going out or entering inside the property to avoid entering of street animals or unwanted substances.

10. Placing your sleepers , shoes or any personal belongings in common area is not permissible.

11. Residents staying without agreement shall be deemed as illegal tenants and can be evicted any time without any refund.

12. Government approved id & contact details of all the members sharing the room should be provided before move-in. In case any member is found without submitting his /her documents. It will be treated as illegal stay & agreement may be terminated with immediate effect & money will be forfeited.

Guest hosting policies

1. Visitors are allowed to visit from 9am to 8pm.

2. Three Visitors are allowed per day. NO OVERGUESTING PLEASE.

3. Visitors are not allowed to use Roomlelo amenities like wifi, washing machine, etc .

4. No stay over of Visitors allowed under any circumstances.

5. Registered tenants are only permitted to stay in the property during night time.

6. Damage done by Visitors will be charged from the tenants.

Tenants are requested to abide by the above mentioned rules failing to which will lead to penalty of Rs 500 or more every time ( penalty amount is solely in discretion of Roomlelo ).