Cancellation Policy

A tenant qualifies for full refund upon cancellation if the actual property does not match with the pictures on RoomLelo website.

How long does it take to get a refund?

Upon cancellation we initiate the refund immediately, but it takes upto 10-15 days to reflect on the original payment method.In severe cases it may take longer like natural calamities , political unrest , etc

If only security deposit is paid by the tenant, how long the property is being reserved.

In the case of a full security deposit, we reserve the property for a good 7 days. After this the booking is cancelled and no refund is made.

How long do you hold a property in case of booking amount paid?

We reserve the property for 24hrs. After that the booking gets cancelled and no refund is issued.

Is the booking amount refundable?

No, the booking amount is not refundable.