Guest Hosting Policy

Can I host a guest in my room?

Yes, hosting is a great experience and we are open to it. You need to submit valid identity proof of each and every guest.

How many guests can I host in my room?

You may host a maximum of 3 guests, you need to submit valid identity proof before any guest arrives.

Is there any time limit for guests to stay?

You can host guest(s) in between 9am to 9pm.

When and how can my guest stay beyond visiting hours?

You can request for a stay back of your guest by writing us on contact@roomlelo in case of special occasions and only on approval by the administration your guest will be allowed to stay back beyond visiting hours.

What if I want to host a party in my room?

Write us on contact@roomlelo for pre approval.

Can my parents stay with me in my room during their visit ?

Your parents are welcomed, all you need to do is inform us in advance about their stay and submit valid ID proof.